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Flowfinity Actions 6.2 Announced

flowfinity [1]Enterprise mobile app developer Flowfinity Wireless Inc. [1] has announced Flowfinity Actions 6.2 [2]. This dynamic software solution for customizing mobile business forms and workflows now fully supports iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Flowfinity Actions 6.2 allows businesses to replace paper forms with flexible mobile apps for improving productivity, streamlining processes and reducing operations costs.

Tailored specifically for online or offline use with iPhone and iPad [3], Flowfinity Actions allows users to take Flowfinity Actions 6.2 on iPhone [4]advantage of native device functionality such as camera for photo documentation and GPS for work location validation. Flowfinity Actions also provides a mobile file management solution for organizing, publishing, and accessing documents.

“We’ve seen an increased demand for mobile apps that provide true enterprise functionality for iPhone and iPad as more companies are adopting mobile technology to improve business processes,” said Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity. “We are very excited to offer Flowfinity Actions 6.2, giving our customers even more choice in supporting corporate and employee-owned devices.”

Flowfinity Actions is available for Android, BlackBerry (note: I could not find any information on the Flowfinity site for these two platforms other than they are available), iPhone and iPad from flowfinity.com [3]. The client for iPhone and iPad can now be installed from the App Store. [5]