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20-20 Technologies Announces Tablet Edition of Space Planning Software

20-20 Technologies [1]3D interior design and furniture manufacturing software developer 20-20 Technologies Inc. [1] has introduced the 20-20 Icovia Tablet Edition [2], a mobile companion application to the existing popular online interior space planning solution for retailers, manufacturers, interior designers and their customers. The first release of the Tablet Edition is already in use by Living Spaces Furniture, a Furniture Today Top 100 retailer.

20-20 Icovia Tablet Edition software is currently available for the Apple iPad. Support for other tablet platforms will soon follow. 20-20 Icovia Tablet Edition integrates with retailers’ web-based 20-20 Icovia Planner, allowing consumers and sales associates to access and share designs across the entire 20-20 Icovia platform.

“Mobile commerce is growing exponentially,” said John Thompson, 20-20 Icovia’s Sales Manager. “It’s being driven by consumers. Now we’ve extended that capability to the furniture showroom floor with the 20-20 Icovia Tablet Edition. Sales associates can quickly sketch a customer’s room dimensions then show how a prospective new purchase will fit in their room. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and sales associate. The customer is more engaged while associates can close sales more quickly and retailers realize savings from decreased returns.”

The home furnishings industry overwhelmingly wants a room planning solution as the initial feature set on a tablet over other capabilities such as catalog browsing or configuring and visualizing furniture. “This was one of our most comprehensive research and development projects and we’ve been impressed by the support and interest from the industry,”┬áhe added.