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BoxingDay.ca Acquired By eCoupons.ca

eCoupons.ca [1] has announced the acquisition of BoxingDay.ca [2] for C$7,000 and launching of the new BoxingDay.ca website to help Canadians save money all year round.  According to DN Journal’s Year to Date Sales Charts, BoxingDay.ca was the fourth highest .CA domain name sold in 2011. Meanwhile, Cyber Boxing Day, Canada’s busiest online shopping day is only a few short weeks away on December 26.

Talya Schaeffer, founder of eCoupons.ca and CyberBoxingDay.ca [3], said “Canadians are always looking for Boxing Day [2] deals. In December, shoppers face the difficult choice of buying before Christmas or waiting for Boxing Day sales.  The new BoxingDay.ca will feature coupons, deals, flyers and sales throughout the year so Canadians can make smart shopping choices.”

CyberBoxingDay.ca will feature Boxing Day sales from more than 50 retailers including Sears.ca [4], TheSource.ca [5], Lenovo Canada and U.S. retailers that ship to Canada.