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20th November 2011

Simutech Multimedia Announces Release of New PLC Troubleshooting Software

simutechSimulation-based electrical troubleshooting training software developer Simutech Multimedia has announced the release of a new title, Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1, in the Troubleshooting Skills Training System line of products. Focusing on troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controller systems, not programming them, Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 is designed for the maintenance person who is required to troubleshoot and maintain electrical equipment and systems containing PLC controls.
Training with Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 will help users better understand PLCs. They will learn about the components that make up PLCs, how they operate, and how to interpret ladder diagrams. The program features multiple PLC circuit simulations, including a series of 13 lab circuits for exploring and learning about PLCs, a plc troubleshootingbasic circuit with 12 practice troubleshooting exercises and faults, and three full simulation environments for troubleshooting with over 55 malfunctions to diagnose and repair.

“We are really excited to bring to the maintenance and educational community a program that teaches the critical skill of troubleshooting electrical systems containing PLC controls,” said Warren Rhude, President of Simutech Multimedia. “What makes this program unique is the simulations of complete PLC circuits that provide the user with the hands-on troubleshooting experience in a virtual environment not found in other programs. It is this hands-on experience that I believe makes this program a truly effective way to learn to troubleshoot PLC circuits.”

This newest addition to the Troubleshooting Skills Training System is available in four editions:

  • Personal Edition for personal users
  • Pro Edition for small business and industry
  • Enterprise Edition for use in training programs in industry
  • Education Edition for use by colleges, apprenticeship training programs, and other educational institutions
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