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Double Launch Day For Big Blue Bubble

Big Blue Bubble [1]Big Blue Bubble Inc. [1] is excited to bring two new games to the App Store today. Both Dark Incursion [2] and Hamster Cannon [3] are universal apps designed to run on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices running iOS 3.0 or later. Hamster Cannon is priced at $0.99 USD while Dark Incursion is priced at $1.99 USD.Dark Incursion is a side scrolling “Metroidvania” style game with a vivid steam punk art style using eye-popping pixel art combined with the stereoscopic 3D that will literally make the action jump off the screen. It takes place in an alternate reality in the late 1800’s, amidst an industrial revolution and a world war. Play as Anya, one of the few who knows about a secret bunker where scientists have been attempting to bioengineer their own Dark Incursion [4]soldiers, hoping to turn the tide in war!

In Dark Incursion, players have a multitude of bio-engineered weapons at their disposal with which to eradicate the abominations from the city. Weapon and ability upgrades will get more powerful the deeper players get and the more advanced the monsters become.

Can Anya complete her mission before the allied forces enter the city and mistakenly allow these creatures to escape?

Dark Incursion is available for $1.99 and is rated 9+ for the following:


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Do you remember the boring ol’ days when you had to feed your hamsters by hand like a sucker? Then you’d sit all day with your face pressed against the glass, waiting for them to wake up? Finally, at 3 a.m. you wake to the sound of their stupid, squeaky wheel?! Well… not our hamsters! We’re taking control and feeding our hamsters in the only way that makes sense… by shooting them out of CANNONS!Hamster Cannon [5]

But, I guess our hamsters aren’t exactly run of the mill, off the shelf-type hamsters. Here at Hamster Cannon, all of our hamsters have undergone stringent testing and thorough top-to-bottom inspections, which allow us to feel confident that only the finest hamsters will be shot from your cannon in search of Golden Noms. Rest assured that while they bounce off walls, smash through stone, and are set on fire, most of our esteemed hamsters don protective headgear such as stunt helmets and surprisingly safe hats made of TNT.

You can experience the amazing hamster-istry when you play, Hamster Cannon. Where else can you enjoy a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms? Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it is up to you to navigate the levels with a myriad of different surfaces and contraptions that can react differently depending on which hamster is being used. After you have collected enough Noms you can trade them in the In-Game Store to unlock different, new and exciting upgrades.

Hamster Cannon is available for $0.99 and is rated 9+ for infrequent use of mild cartoon or fantasy violence


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