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Masters of Digital Media Students Launch New Company and New App

Digital Touch Games [1]A team of seven students in the Masters of Digital Media [2] program at The Center for Digital Media [3] have come together to create an all-new physics-based puzzle game for iPads and iPhones within an crash craving [4]ambitious timeline of 4 months. These students have also created Digital Touch Games [1], a brand new Vancouver independent studio. Crash Craving [5] is their debut title.

Crash Craving is designed with casual gamers and non-gamers in mind, making the game easy to play but difficult to master. The game features a lovable orange chameleon fittingly named Mango. Mango is in search for food and he comes across jars of flies in a… French Cafe? That’s a classy meal right there and Mango knows how to get it. If you enjoy wreaking havoc in a fancy cafe by swinging like Tarzan with a super long sticky tongue, you’ll love this game. There are 50 levels to play through which is sure to provide hours of fun for just a single dollar on the iTunes app store.

TDigital Touch Games - The Team [6]he Masters of Digital Media program is a professional degree designed to be a practical program in which students are set up to work for real industry projects with real clients as well as some high profile companies like Electronic Arts and Microsoft. On the last semester of the 20-month program, the students are given the chance to pitch their own project ideas to the directors of the school as well as industry judges in the style of Dragons’ Den to gauge the viability and profitability of what is being proposed. Making sure that they get a shot at creating a game from concept through development and production, these students endeavoured to have a marketable, polished game within a semester’s time.