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Indie Game Pixel Blocked Now On XBLIG

pixel blocked [1]Vancouver independent developer Daniel Truong [2] has launched his Xbox puzzler Pixel Blocked! [1] on XBLIG for 80 MS Points. We saw this game demonstrated at a Full Indie event earlier this year, and it looked like a game that would keep puzzle fans scratching their heads and solving puzzles for quite some time.

Pixel Blocked! comes with 180 unique and challenging puzzles, all designed to put any gamer’s spatial logic, speed, and critical thinking skills through the gauntlet. According to the game’s site, the object of this simple and addictive puzzle game is to fill in the missing blocks in an outlined image by shooting blocks against an initial foundation. Players will advance through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels by learning to plan ahead and working with special game pieces such as Magnetic and Crumble Blocks.

Pixel Blocked! Features:

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