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13th June 2011

Strangeloop Unveils Integration Of SPDY Into Industry-Leading Site Optimizer

StrangeloopStrangeloop has announced that it is the first company in the world to provide a commercial product that automatically offers the benefits of Google’s experimental SPDY protocol without requiring changes to the site owner’s code or servers. The release, which is available immediately to all Strangeloop customers, comes after months of close collaboration between Strangeloop and the Chromium Project team at Google.

“Our goal is to make the web faster for everyone,” said Mike Belshe, Lead Software Engineer at Google. “Strangeloop engineers embraced SPDY from the beginning and provided key data and feedback about their experience. They then integrated SPDY with their Site Optimizer product and moved rapidly from concept to code to product, demonstrating an impressive speed-up in their customers’ site performance.”

Strangeloop’s integration of SPDY within its Site Optimizer suite of products and services have resulted in:

  • At least 50% reduction in page load time.
  • Minimizing the complexity of deployment. Site Optimizer automates Web Content Optimization (WCO), delivering the benefits of SPDY to customers without making changes to their servers or code.
  • Bringing together like-minded people interested in using the power of open-source collaboration to explore protocols as a way of solving latency problems.

“At Strangeloop, we’re passionate about pushing the performance envelope, and we’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other industry leaders to do this,” said Strangeloop CEO Jonathan Bixby. “This is just the first phase of our SPDY integration work.”

Strangeloop offers an easy-to-implement solution to the complex challenges of web content optimization (WCO). WCO technology takes HTML that has been optimized for readability, supportability and maintainability and, while retaining these benefits, transforms it to HTML that is optimized for fast page rendering. This involves implementing numerous best practices such as rewriting object names, re-ordering when and how objects are rendered, re-ordering when scripts are executed, and optimizing content based on the requesting browser.

In the past, this time-consuming work could only be performed manually by developers with specific performance expertise. The Strangeloop Site Optimizer – which is available as a cloud-based service, a hardware appliance, and a virtual appliance – transforms web content optimization from a lengthy and complex coding process into an automated function performed in real time by an intelligent appliance.

Companies like Petco, Travelocity, Visa, Sodexo, and O’Reilly Media have implemented the Strangeloop Site Optimizer to speed up their websites. As a result, they’ve achieved dramatic gains in key metrics:

  • Increased sales by 13%
  • Increased conversions by 9%
  • Increased organic search traffic by 10%
  • ROI within weeks

Site Optimizer doesn’t just work in conjunction with SPDY to make websites faster. It also helps make the internet secure for users. Despite the fact that utilizing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, the transport protocol that provides communication security over the internet) has some effect on latency, SPDY ensures that this effect is minimal. Strangeloop further mitigates this impact by incorporating a feature called SSL Accelerator into Site Optimizer. SSL Accelerator offloads cryptographic tasks from the server and, if needed, also provides SSL re-encryption for back-end security.

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