8th June 2011

CounterPath Announces Bria iPad Edition

counterpathNearly one in four enterprises already use tablets, and by 2013, so will the majority of businesses, according to multiple analyst and vendor surveys of Chief Information Officers and IT managers. As this installed base grows, so does the opportunity for enterprises to leverage the tablet to minimize telephony costs while improving employee productivity and responsiveness.

To enable enterprises and mobile workers to capitalize on this trend, CounterPath Corporation has announced the worldwide availability of Bria iPad Edition Version 1.0 via the Apple iTunes App Store. This standards-based, service agnostic softphone provides an intuitive user interface for making and receiving calls over a Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G mobile connection, making it the first universal endpoint for iPad.

“With Bria iPad Edition, business users now can carry a single device that combines the best of their laptop, mobile phone and deskphone,” said Todd Carothers, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products, bria ipad editionCounterPath. “Tablets are quickly becoming the essential business tool for the mobile workforce, and we’re also seeing an increase in personal devices being used for work. So based upon our success with Bria for iPhone, and Bria for Android, the iPad Edition was the natural next step to address both emerging trends.”

Bria iPad Edition 1.0 supports multiple VoIP accounts and SIP protocols, Bluetooth headsets and native iOS multitasking. This enables business users and prosumers to access multiple personal and business accounts while simultaneously utilizing other applications or accessing documents on their iPad during a call.

Capable of working with any VoIP service provider, Bria iPad Edition supports hosted VoIP and IP-PBXs, effectively turning the iPad into a mobile desktop phone. Bria includes a list of pre-configured, CounterPath-approved ITSPs, making VoIP account set-up fast and easy for users who either lack a VoIP provider or already use a CounterPath-approved ITSP.

Unlike other VoIP voice applications marketed for the iPad that were introduced primarily for the iPhone, Bria iPad Edition is designed specifically for all Apple iPads. This iPad-centric foundation means that Bria iPad Edition leverages the device’s large, high-resolution display, providing a richer user experience that enhances the features found in the Bria iPhone Edition.

Bria iPad Edition’s separated navigation panes make it effortless to find contact information and initiate calls. A one-touch popover dialpad is elegantly minimized yet easily accessible at all times, while the iPad’s native keyboard is also available for entering alphanumeric SIP URL/addresses.

Other key features of Bria iPad Edition 1.0 include:

  • A customizable user interface specifically designed for the iPad. A visually engaging double-pane design logically organizes application features and enables simple and smooth transitions between tabs and sub-tabs. Includes options for custom background images and custom colors.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. When the iPad is paired with a compatible Bluetooth headset, the Bria client can be used to speak and listen providing the ability to be away from the iPad up to the range of the headset.
  • iTunes Auto Pause. When a call is placed or received, the audio from the iPad’s iPod music application is automatically paused.
  • A wide variety of deskphone features, including call hold, transfer, conferencing, display and history, as well as contacts and a voicemail indicator.
  • iOS4 multitasking, enabling access to other applications without interrupting calls. Bria iPad Edition softphone runs in the background and can be returned to quickly by a top-of-screen tap.
  • Advanced security and audio features. Secure call signaling and audio encryption plus codec support for G.711, G.722 wideband audio for lifelike sound, GSM, iLBC and an optional G.729 codec that is available for purchase within the app or through the Apple Store.

According to Infonetics Research, the VoIP services market reached nearly $50 billion in 2010. With more than 19 million iPads sold worldwide, Apple currently holds the majority of the growing tablet market. “CounterPath’s Bria iPad Edition meets the needs of these rapidly converging markets, serving both the prosumer and enterprise consumer segments,” Carothers said.

Like Bria iPhone Edition, Bria iPad Edition 1.0 integrates seamlessly with other CounterPath desktop and mobile VoIP solutions, as well as with enterprise and carrier infrastructure equipment from major vendors. CounterPath also develops customized white-label versions of Bria iPad Edition for carriers, OEMs and enterprise customers worldwide.

A version of Bria iPad Edition that includes support for video calls, SMS, Instant Messaging and presence will be available later this year.

Bria iPad Edition is available immediately in the Apple iTunes App Store or via CounterPath’s online store.

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