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22nd May 2011

StereoLOGIC Named Cool Vendor by Gartner Research

stereologicThe automated business process discovery industry took a giant leap forward this week with the formal recognition of StereoLOGIC as a cool vendor in Business Process Management from Gartner Research. This is the third time in ten years that a company founded by business process luminary Sofia Passova has been awarded the coveted cool vendor status.

“Discovery Analyst™ is a genuine breakthrough in business process analysis,” said Dr Sofia Passova, president and CEO of StereoLOGIC. “In a nutshell, Discovery Analyst eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive stakeholder interviews and manual process documentation, and replaces it with a more accurate automated recognition of business processes in real time.”

Sofia Passova

Sofia Passova

As business transactions are executed by an employee, Discovery Analyst automatically recognizes and maps these processes using a proprietary semantic recognition engine that provides an accurate picture of what is going on. The current industry statistics for process documentation has an accuracy rating of approximately 30 per cent. Discovery Analyst increases the accuracy of process mapping to more than 90 per cent while dramatically reducing the cost. Process discovery results are available in a matter of days instead of months.

When executing or planning a major IT project, Discovery Analyst essentially creates a level playing field by capturing process information provided by employees at every point of interaction. This approach limits the risk associated with big budget IT projects getting off-track in the early stages and leads to a much higher project success rate and reduced costs. Shorter time spent on process discovery creates project efficiencies of 80 per cent or more in the development lifecycle.

Gartner Research also lauded the StereoLOGIC’s go-to-market strategy, which reduces the upfront training time required to achieve results with ABPD and begin generating valid and informative process maps. Discovery Analyst has the shortest automated business process discovery period time available in the industry thus making it a breakthrough product and earning it the cool vendor designation.

StereoLOGIC currently works with a growing number of large institutional clients in government and finance, part of a new class of automated business process discovery (ABPD) tools that empower but do not compete with existing requirements and business process modeling tools. Analysts use StereoLOGIC Discovery Analyst to capture the business process logic of applications using an automated process. The tool monitors a user’s interaction with an application, watches their activity, harvests the screen interface, captures data attributes being presented to users, and presents this information in clear process flow diagrams which can be validated by users.

Discovery Analyst is a cross-platform technology to facilitate the end-to-end capturing of automated and manual processes within an organization. Discovery Analyst can be used to simultaneously monitor thousands of users and support hundreds of analysts interacting with a single business model.

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