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Preventing Scams and Device Theft

CIRA [1]The Canadian Internet Registration Authority [1] (CIRA), in partnership with Media Awareness Network [2] (MNet), is proud to introduce a PDF Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheet [3], a guide to avoiding risks online.

As the Internet has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, so too have the number and severity of potential risks we face each day. With increasing accessibility to digital technologies, Internet literacy programs are, now more than ever, essential to protecting Internet users and their computers.Media Awareness Network [2]

Recognizing the need for such programs, CIRA and MNet have developed a Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheet to help Canadians take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their computers from cyber risks.

“The Internet has become a central tool in the lives of Canadians,” says Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA, “making it more critical than ever that we provide the information and resources necessary for people to protect themselves.”

MNet focuses its efforts on equipping adults with information and tools to help young people develop the critical thinking skills required to understand the extent to which they, as consumers and citizens, are being well informed. CIRA supports these efforts through an annual sponsorship of MNet’s activities.

“We are proud to be partnering with CIRA to provide Canadians with the digital literacy skills and knowledge they need to use the Internet with confidence,” says Cathy Wing, Media Awareness Network’s Co-Executive Director.

Absolute® Software Corporation [4] has announced the general availability of Absolute Manage 5.4 [5].Absolute Software [4]

“The continued growth in adoption of Apple iOS4 devices is driven both by employees wanting to use their preferred device to access the corporate network, and IT departments sanctioning the use of non-PC devices. The growing challenge for IT administrators is to establish effective security and management solutions at the endpoint, while avoiding major disruptions to established server and network architectures,” said Peter Frankl, vice president, lifecycle management at Absolute Software. “With the release of Absolute Manage 5.4, our customers have even more flexibility in managing their iOS4 deployments, while maintaining enterprise-caliber security, in either a Windows or Mac network and server environment.”

With the release of Absolute Manage 5.4, new features include:

IT administrators using Absolute Manage can efficiently manage all their assets by automating time-consuming IT processes such as software distribution, patch management, asset inventory and imaging for both their Macs and PCs from a single, unified console. Additionally, Absolute Manage helps organizations save money by allowing them to track installed applications and licenses, redeploy under-used licenses and hardware to maximize inventory utilization, and avoid non-compliance fines. For Apple iOS4 devices specifically, Absolute Manage allows IT administrators to manage apps, collect asset inventory and security data, as well as conduct change and configuration management for each device.