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27th October 2010

Digital Media Production Program Looking For Applicants

CMPAApply now for this great opportunity through the Canadian Media Production Association:

The Digital Media Production Program offers participants the opportunity to gain work experience in the film, television and interactive media production industry. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Career Focus Program, the Digital Media Production Program emphasizes administration, management and technical skills in today’s rapidly changing knowledge economy in the digital world.

Deadline: November 29, 2010
Spots Available: 40
Duration of Placement: 24 weeks
Intern Stipend: $14,000 (minimum);
$10,000 from the Program and minimum $4,000 from mentor
Age: 15 – 30. Must be post-secondary graduate.

Intern Eligibility

*Open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents legally entitled to work in Canada
*Must be between the ages of 15 and 30 (inclusive) at time of application
*Must be unemployed or under-employed at the time of application
*Must be a post-secondary graduate
*Must be out of school
*Must not be receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits
*Must NOT have previously participated in a program sponsored by the federal government’s Youth Employment Strategy
*Cannot be an employee, family member, or current CFTPA participant of the mentor company with whom he/she is submitting a joint application
*Applicants should note that the intern MUST become an employee of the mentor company for the duration of the placement.

Mentor Eligibility

*An eligible member of the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) at the time of application. Eligible companies must be CMPA members and fall under one of the following CMPA categories: general member, service producer, interactive media, broadcaster affiliate or publicly traded
*The mentor company will be responsible for providing career assistance, feedback, guidance during, and debriefing following the completion of the placement
*The mentor company must contribute a minimum of $4,000 toward the participant stipend
*A mentor applicant cannot be an employer, family member, or current CFTPA mentor of the participant whom he/she is submitting a joint application
*Applicants should note that the intern MUST become an employee of the mentor company for the duration of the placement.

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27th October 2010

Get Ready for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team from EA Sports

EA SportsJoin over a million fans and play EA SPORTS FIFA 11 Ultimate Team, a free game mode download for FIFA 11 on the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360™ (FIFA 11 & internet connection required for online play. Restrictions and conditions apply) this November 3rd. Take on the challenge of building a squad of the world’s best football stars by earning, buying, selling and trading players with other Ultimate Team gamers around the world. Create and manage multiple squads putting together the best players with the highest chemistry and then take them into competition in online and solo single-player tournaments, all dynamically updated each week.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team delivers a number of major changes as requested by gamers. Pit your ultimate team directly against your friends’ best squads in Play-A-Friend online matches—the No. 1 requested new feature. Build your dream team and match them against your friends’ best teams whenever you want by sending them an invite directly, making it easy to prove who has the best ultimate team.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team now lives beyond the console. Access your Ultimate Team campaign from the web through an enhanced Ultimate Team web app which links your experience on your console. Access full trading and auctions, manage squads and the chemistry of your line-ups, show-off your best squad and rare in-form players to friends, and search for coveted players in the auctions ready for when you get back to your console.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Build your ultimate football club the way real-world coaches and managers build the truly great football teams. Choose how to manage your team—focus on creating one formidable squad, or manage multiple squads to match dynamic requirements for tournaments and competitions. Be strategic and tactical in preparing your squads for the various in-game competitions. A deep, strategic chemistry system built around player relationships on the pitch, means that managing teams and squads to their full potential is critical to success.

Key Features

* Play-A-Friend: compete head-to-head in online play with your friends, the #1 requested feature from FIFA 10 Ultimate Team gamers. Build your dream team and challenge others to do better.
* Ultimate Team Web App: Now Ultimate Team lives beyond your console with online web connectivity. Access your Ultimate Team, manage squads and your chemistry of your line-ups, show-off your best squad and rare in-form players to friends. Search for, buy and sell players and other items in the auctions ready for when you get back to your console—all from the web.
* Ultimate Team Generations: Now you can also access your players from FIFA 10 Ultimate Team and mix them with your existing FIFA 11 Ultimate Team on the web. Put together teams featuring all your players to show off your legacy to other gamers.
* Build Your Ultimate Team: Build your FIFA 11 Ultimate Team squad from a database of more than 8,000 players and all 30 leagues – including the addition of the MLS and Russian Premier League and the superstars from those leagues for the first time. Buy, trade and acquire star players item packs. FIFA 11 Ultimate Team makes acquiring players easier than ever with an intuitive store and item trading and auction system. Auctions also include the ability to track bids, and a comprehensive item search feature.
* Authentic Team Management: FIFA 11 Ultimate Team advanced team management feature delivers an authentic football gameplay experience. Choose the right squads for the right competitions as you seek the perfect balance of players on the pitch. With a chemistry system that takes into account nuances of real player preferences, teammates interact with each other as they would in real life, making your manager role all the more crucial.
* Competitive Tournaments: Enter one of 23 dynamic solo and multiplayer tournaments plus participate in new updated tournaments weekly to test your club-building skills. Every time you go back to your console, there’s a brand-new challenge.

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27th October 2010

Hey BC Devs – Justin Wants To Meet You

Pixel to ProductA note to BC developers from Justin Kozuch and the Pixel to Product research project: As we (and I don’t mean me! Come on Canada – this is YOUR digital legacy too!) continue to drive towards our goal of releasing our first survey designed to measure the size and scope of the Canadian digital media ecosystem, we’ve been exposed to many different communities within the digital media space. Our most recent trip to Alberta was a great success; we met with community leaders and passionate digital media professionals who expressed a great interest in our research study and echoed our sentiments where it concerns the publication of freely available market data for the CANADIAN digital media industry. The data and insights we’ll be sharing at the conclusion of this study will allow us to truly understand the size and scope of the Canadian digital media ecosystem.

With this in mind, we are looking westward to arrange meetings to speak to digital media professionals from marketing to mobile application development and everything in between. We’ll be heading to Vancouver from November 1st to November 5th, and we’re looking to connect with you!
49 pixels
We’re looking to speak at a number of events, and have confirmed our attendance at the upcoming DemoCamp Vancouver 12 on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM at The Lounge at Caprice (965 Granville Street).

To support our outreach initiatives, Mesh Prize winner and project visionary Justin Kozuch is interested in connecting with digital media and marketing professionals in the Vancouver digital media sector. Justin will be looking to build up an on-the-ground support team of influential and engaged industry professionals interested in helping us promote and support our research study and subsequent findings in Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia. These events and connections will help us gain an understanding of who the local industry players are, build an ongoing relationship with them and leverage their skills in assisting with the research and study promotion activities.

Please tweet, email, Facebook, string-and-can anyone you know in the Vancouver area who fit this bill, and please ask them if they are interested in joining us at DemoCamp on November 3rd or connecting with Justin for coffee.

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27th October 2010

Shank and DeathSpank Take The Fight For Justice To Steam

EA GamesElectronic Arts Inc. and Vancouver independent development studios Klei Entertainment and Hothead Games have announced that the acclaimed 2D action games, Shank and DeathSpank, are now available for download for $14.99 each via Steam.

With its blend of classic side-scrolling action gameplay and stylized animation set, Shank was one of last summer’s most anticipated downloadable games, garnering a “10/10” from Electronic Gaming Monthly, a grade of “A” on 1UP, and a “4.5/5” on Joystiq. PC gamers will now be able to slash into Shank’s bloody story of revenge.Klei Entertainment

Rated M for Mature, Shank tells a classic story of gangland betrayal through a violent, pulp-fiction lens. Gamers play as Shank, getting their hands bloody as they uncover the secrets of Shank’s past and the reasons he is hell-bent on revenge. With a deep and intuitive combat system, players unleash a tremendous number of creative combinations as they take down waves of enemies standing in their path. Shank also features a special co-operative campaign, designed to be played with a friend locally, which tells the backstory of the revenge plot. This prequel mission allows players to play as Shank or his partner-in-crime, Falcone, with deadly double-team moves and gameplay that encourages teamwork.

Hothead GamesMeanwhile, the T for Teen, critically acclaimed and fiendishly funny action RPG DeathSpank, will continue his search for Justice on computers around the world. Developed under the direction of industry veteran Ron Gilbert, DeathSpank combines unique humor and wit with fast, addictive, action-RPG gameplay. Recently awarded IGN’s Editor’s Choice for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®, DeathSpank will take PC players on an epic adventure through crazy quests in a vast world filled with vibrant, eccentric and hilarious characters.

“We are thrilled to finally bring the crazy world of DeathSpank to the PC,” said Vlad Ceraldi, Director of Game Development at Hothead Games. “PC is the perfect home for DeathSpank. It’s charming, witty and whimsical and at its core, DeathSpank offers an extremely fun and compelling experience.”

Players who download the game will be placed in the boots of the mighty DeathSpank, “Dispenser of Justice,” “Vanquisher of Evil” and “Hero to the Downtrodden” and will embark on his lifelong journey to search for and find a mysterious artifact known only as “The Artifact.” Along his journey, DeathSpank will rescue orphans, defeat a local tyrant, help an aging adventurer and dive headfirst into an even deeper mystery. The game’s accessibility makes for a fun, addictive experience where players will find themselves fulfilling crazy quests, collecting massive amounts of loot and engaging in tons of hilarious dialogue. DeathSpank also features local co-operative gameplay, allowing friends to jump in and out of this adventure on the same computer as DeathSpank’s trusty, magical sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard.

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26th October 2010

Serebra Learning Corporation Announces Update to Serebra Campus

serebraSerebra Learning Corporation, a leading e-learning solutions provider based in Vancouver, has announced an important update to the Serebra Campus learning management system that will offer enhanced functionality and usability to training coordinators and students alike.

“At Serebra we value the input of our clients and constantly seek to serve them better. Taking into consideration their feedback, we’ve made improvements to the overall platform functionality of our LMS and created new features to strengthen our clients’ ability to deliver compliance-related training,” said Serebra’s acting President, Taleeb Noormohamed.

In addition to numerous usability innovations, Serebra has added new features to Serebra Campus, including a new compliance feature, which simplifies the task of training departments when it comes to compliance-related or recurring training requirements.

Administrators create course compliance rules and apply them to groups or individual students, making it easy to track and manage the organization’s compliance requirements. Students are notified via e-mail of the need to take courses, and the My Training Dashboard makes it quick and easy for users to register and complete their training.

“Serebra will continue to add functionality to the Serebra Campus platform offering clients additional talent management and human resources solutions,” added Noormohamed. “At Serebra, we’re committed to constant innovation that meets the needs of our clients and keeps them at the leading edge of organizational and individual training.”

Serebra Campus has long included Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory support for single sign-on. This release enables basic OpenID support for student authentication, which allows Serebra to support clients who use Google Apps and similar platforms for their company infrastructure.

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26th October 2010

New Dragon Age 2 Trailer Released

Bioware has released its latest trailer forBioware Corp Dragon Age II. In Rise To Power you can see all new gameplay along with new characters Varric and Isabella, Kirkwall and the qunari onslaught. Dragon Age II is scheduled for release on March 8, 2011.

Dragon Age II is the sequel to the 2009’s “RPG of the Year,” featuring faster-paced action, striking new art direction and a gripping storytelling approach that allows gamers to experience the rise to power with the game’s key character, Hawke. A refugee who survives the destruction of his homeland, Hawke becomes the Champion of Kirkwall but the lore surrounding his rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor. These mysteries are the driving force behind the all-new Dragon Age II story, which spans nearly 10 years in the Dragon Age universe. Players will experience how the legend unfolds by gathering the deadliest of allies, making tough moral choices, amassing fame and fortune and sealing their place in history.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Earlier this month, Bioware announced the Dragon Age™ II BioWare Signature Edition. This limited edition of the highly anticipated action RPG will be available at no extra cost for gamers who pre-order Dragon Age II before January 11, 2011. Featuring over $20 of additional content, the Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition includes the full version of Dragon Age II, along with a download code for an additional playable character and new missions, the Dragon Age II digital soundtrack, an exclusive in-game digital armory Dragon Age 2 Signature Editionfeaturing a variety of weapons and other digital items. The Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition will only be available for pre-order and online purchase on or before January 11, 2011 – after the deadline, it will disappear from the market.

That said, as of late last week, Dragon Age II was still not available for pre-order at our local EB Games outlet – the title was not listed at all in their computer systems. Hopefully when we visit the store to pick up a certain not-made-in-Canada title, Dragon Age II will be on the list so that our pre-order can be placed.

Dragon Age II will be available on the PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC, and will most likely be rated M for Mature by the ESRB.

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26th October 2010

New DLC Now Available for Two Canadian-made Titles

Beenox StudiosCosmic forces and Spider-Man collide in new downloadable content for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions from Activision Publishing, Inc., available on the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Developed by Activision studio Beenox, players can now don one unique Cosmic costume for each of the four distinct worlds in the game – Amazing, Noir, 2099 and Ultimate – and are also granted one all-new signature charge attack. The downloadable content is available now from Xbox LIVE Marketplace and from the PlayStation®Store, which will be available next week.
SpiderMan Shattered Dimensions 2099
In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Activision game developer Beenox took the web-slinging hero to new and unique heights by giving fans the chance to experience four different versions of Spider-Man and explore four different universes. Players take on the role of Spider-Man in each respective universe on a mission to save their worlds from powered-up Super Villains, such as Mysterio, Carnage, Deadpool, Vulture, Sandman and more. This original take on a Spider-Man video game has garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions transports players to a variety of locations, from lush jungles and sand quarries to a futuristic NYC, and allows them to use unique gameplay styles for each Spider-Man, including stealth moves in Noir, high-octane freefalling in 2099, black-suited tendril attacks in Ultimate, and innovative web combat in Amazing.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and is available now on the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™ and soon to be available on Windows PC, all developed by Beenox. A Nintendo DS™ version, developed by Griptonite, is also now available and features a side-scrolling adventure full of unique villains, such as the first-ever appearance of Calypso Noir and two other boss characters created exclusively for this version.

Blue Castle GamesThe Dead Rising 2 Sports Theme Pack is now available to download on Xbox Live, Games for Windows Live and the PlayStation Network. The new Sports Theme Pack DLC gives players increased attack power when they use sporting goods to take down hordes of zombies.
Sports Fanatic
Not only does Chuck gain attack bonuses from sports weapons, he will also have a new charge/tackle attack to blitz down zombies. With these new abilities a hungry sports fan needs to have their snacks. Gain extra health from consuming food and drinks, especially alcoholic ones- and this time you won’t get sick!

To top it off, if you’re ever short on cash, gamble and hit it big. Chuck will earn bigger payouts from gambling with the all new Sports Theme Pack. The Dead Rising 2 Sports Theme Pack is available to download for 160 Microsoft points, or $1.99 on the PlayStation Network. Dead Rising 2 is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.

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26th October 2010

Social Co-operation Could Lead To Big Prizes At Veer

veerVeer, a provider of affordable visual elements that makes it easier to be creative, today announced the start of Free-For-All, a series of four different one week community challenges that aim to give away $30,000 in prizes to participants who can try to win just by downloading free images, fonts, avatars, screensavers and wallpapers from the Free-For-All pages.

Starting today, Veer will give the online community the chance to rally together to progressively unlock more and more free downloads across a range of themes in an effort to be entered into big grand prize sweepstakes.

Each Monday for the next four weeks, Veer automatically unlocks the first download, a selection of free images. The community must then rally together to have enough people download the images to successfully unlock the second download, a free font. If enough people download the font, then the third and final download, a free digital toy, is unlocked.

If enough people download the digital toy by the end of each week (Sunday at midnight), then the weekly grand prize is unlocked, and everyone who downloaded something during the week is automatically entered to win. People can get up to three entries each week, one for each download they do.

The weekly grand prizes include:

* Week 1: $5,000 Apple Store® shopping spree
* Week 2: $5,000 Entertainment shopping spree at Amazon.com
* Week 3: $5,000 Outdoor Adventure Gear shopping spree at REI
* Week 4: $15,000 Trip around the world through American Airlines

To help make sure that the grand prizes are unlocked and awarded, participants can spread the word through their social networks, email, instant message, text message – anyway they can – to make sure all downloads and the grand prize are unlocked by the deadline each week.

“We love to have fun at Veer and give our community a little challenge,” said Xerxes Irani, Creative Director, Veer. “The Free-For-All sweepstakes gives our biggest supporters and those new to Veer the opportunity to explore, share, get something for free and maybe even win big.”

Free-For-All is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, except Quebec.

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26th October 2010

Bookworms Get A New Way to Find Page-Turners

Page 99 TestPage99Test.com, which launched today, is a technology startup focused on writer discovery. Based in Canada, its co-founders are Lance Jones and Joanna Wiebe, both of Victoria and Steven Luke of Edmonton. This new venture is a website that helps readers discover new books by reading – and rating – a book’s page 99, an excerpt that is rarely as overworked as a book’s first chapter. On the website, writers and publishers upload a single page of a manuscript, and readers read and rate those pages by answering two questions:

1) Would you turn the page?
2) Would you buy the book?

Writers, who can upload their page 99s for free in one of 14 genres, receive quick feedback and can attract more readers. Attracting new readers is critical today, as low prices for eBooks mean writers need, on average, twice as many paying readers to earn the same income. The website is also open for agents and editors to upload page 99s to test a manuscript’s marketability or to market new books for free.

A free website, Page99Test.com has already attracted readers, writers, literary agents, and editors from the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and Dubai. It was launched in private beta in early October. Feedback from beta testers validated assumptions that writers need new ways to get noticed today.
Page 99 Test
“Finding page-turners can be tough,” said co-founder Lance Jones, referencing the thousands of fiction titles added to major bookstores yearly. “Readers overlook great books when a publisher doesn’t invest much in marketing, or they often end up buying books they don’t like simply because those books were heavily marketed.”

Page99Test.com looks at book discovery from a new angle, where readers are quickly presented with short samples of books in their favorite genres. This makes it easier to find new books. “We hope avid readers will begin their book search process here.”

Readers read page 99s in selected genres blindly. It is not until after a reader rates a page that the details of the book are displayed, including if it is published, who the author is, and where to buy the book.

“Intertwining published and unpublished pages keeps readers honest with their feedback,” said Jones. “It’s easy to be critical of new writers. But when you’re not sure if the page you’re reading is published or not, you have to read it with greater consideration. This leads to better feedback for all writers.”

Writers who are wary of being reviewed by readers need not worry – at least not too much – because readers should only rate genres they’re interested in. This means readers who love Stephen King’s horror books won’t be rating young adult books that read like the latest Stephenie Meyer. Writers can also hide or delete their pages at any time.

Coming soon for Page99Test.com are badges for power readers and top-rated writers, weekly showcases of top-rated page 99s, and first-chapter uploads. The startup is also working with literary agents, editors, and eBook publishers to help top-rated unpublished writers get the attention they deserve.

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26th October 2010

Search and Mobility Continue Growth In Canada

Montreal’s Vantrix was honoured last week with a 2010 RCR Ecosystem Award in the “Best Mobile Content Provider” category. The annual RCR Ecosystem awards are presented to innovative and outstanding companies from each sector within the mobile arena that has had a significant impact in the wireless marketplace. The RCR Ecosystem Awards received more than 130 nominations across 12 categories, a true testament to the momentum behind the wireless and mobile industry.

“Vantrix is very proud to be recognized for its leadership in mobile video optimization,” said Patrick Lopez, Chief Marketing Officer of Vantrix. “The amount of video traffic on the mobile network continues to grow at an exponential rate, putting pressure on mobile operator networks. Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer enables mobile operators to optimize their networks and reduce costs of delivering video to laptops and mobile phones by as much as 50 percent. This award acknowledges our innovation and accomplishment in the mobile video optimization and arena, and underscores our clear leadership in this market.”

Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer optimizes all video content in real-time, while maintaining the highest quality of experience. It removes congestion on the network, thus enabling more data to be sent. Furthermore, it also delays investment in network infrastructure expansion – thereby helping to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. A constant innovator, Vantrix has created an interactive tool called the Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator to help mobile carriers plan for the explosive growth of video in their data network.

“It was particularly difficult for us to judge this year’s awards, as the volume and quality of entries was reflective of an industry that continues to innovate and have an impact on our daily lives,” said RCR Wireless News Editor Tracy Ford. “Our program recognizes those contributions and we applaud Vantrix for its hard work, dedication and for continuing to move the dial forward for mobile subscribers, as well as operators, worldwide.”

A unique web-based service, offering simplified, first class results on anything and everything locally, has now launched. Thetop10.ca the top 10 canadalaunched Phase One, an exceptional Web Site / Directory service, utilizing SEO, Social Media and related technologies in tandem with proprietary elements in a manner never before done, providing end-users The Top 10 of anything they are looking for, locally and simply.

“How do you sort through the clutter on the Internet today and find the best of anything? The Top 10 offers this and so much more.” says project backer Mike Bullard.

A major complaint from Web Searchers today is the never-ending barrage of useless information one is forced to delve through to get to what they’re looking for – to get to the BEST of what they’re looking for. Thetop10.ca is the answer to this and many other business-search issues. A platform offering both casual web searchers and members the best of what they’re looking for locally. Additionally, MEMBERS only receive access to a growing number of perks, and membership is free.

Thetop10.ca is the first of its kind, offering members an opportunity to share their product and service experiences with others on various Social Media platforms, earning great Rewards Points for their opinions! The list of Member-only perks to come in phase 2 and 3 is remarkable. Utilizing existent technologies and a proprietary algorithm, there is no company directly comparable to thetop10.ca in Canada.

“This enterprise has resulted in a better service than I even anticipated; I’m confident this first-class alternative to basic search engines will grow exponentially, and we look forward to the inimitable additions already in the works for Phase Two.” says Caroline Risi.

Backed by the incomparable and trusted entertainer Mike Bullard, thetop10.ca looks forward to sharing its one-of-a-kind platform and interacting with both the business community and web searchers across Ontario and Canada. PHASE 2 of thetop10.ca will launch in November 2010.

Canada PostCanada Post has introduced Canada Post Comparison Shopper, a one-stop shopping website that helps Canadians instantly find, compare and purchase products online. The site uses a ranking system that filters through over 4 million products from 500 well-known and respected retailers that actually sell to Canadians. The patent-pending system evaluates criteria like price, return policies and customer service to determine which retailer offers the best match for the consumer’s search.

“Canada Post has experience in building online solutions like epost,” says Louis O’Brien, Chief Customer Officer at Canada Post. “This innovative solution is a natural extension of our superior residential delivery in Canada. Canadians place a lot of trust in Canada Post and we plan to build on that trust to help Canadians shop online with confidence.”

The site offers search and filter capabilities not available on competing shopping sites. “Features such as product ranking and price history provide shoppers with confidence and assurance that they are making an informed decision”, adds O’Brien. “All the retailers on the site actually sell to Canadians, while most other sites contain retailers that do not ship to Canada.”

Another key feature of Canada Post Comparison Shopper is the ‘all-in’ price which estimates taxes, shipping and other fees – such as exchange rates and customs fees, if applicable. This will eliminate unwelcomed surprises when it comes to the actual total purchase price. Consumers can search for everything from electronics to fashion, and health and beauty products.

This new initiative is part of a larger growth strategy at Canada Post. Last month, the corporation announced a new online direct-marketing platform to leverage proven direct marketing practices to deliver local offers and advertisements in a dynamic, real-time online environment. Canada Post Comparison Shopper is expected to drive growth in the parcel business, and to reinforce the company’s position as the leading business-to-consumer delivery agent in Canada.

Consumers can access Canada Post Comparison Shopper through Canada Post’s website. They can search using keywords or advanced sort and filter functions, browse based on retailer, brand or category and finally purchase the product or service directly on the retailer’s site.

Bell AliantBell Aliant has reached an agreement with Bell to sell xwave, in its entirety, to Bell. With xwave now part of a national organization, customers will benefit from xwave’s proven expertise and also have access to a broader slate of national technology and professional services provided through Bell Business Markets.

“We believe the time and opportunity is right for this transaction and by divesting xwave now, Bell Aliant is able to further focus on our core priorities such as fibre-to-the-home, improve our balance sheet and ensure long-term value to our investors,” said Karen Sheriff, president and CEO, Bell Aliant. “We have known for some time that for xwave to continue to expand nationally and grow profitability they needed access to scale. Combining with Bell gives xwave access to a national market and additional IT capabilities they do not have today.”

xwave has operated as part of Bell Aliant and its predecessor companies for a number of years with particular focus on advanced technology solutions and IT professional services, including the provision of leading e-health solutions.

“We are eager to welcome the skilled xwave team, building on their excellent service to clients in Atlantic Canada. Combining xwave’s leading e-health, IT professional services and advanced technology solutions with Bell Business Markets’ national team of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals and our world-class broadband networks enhances our leadership in delivering the best solutions for healthcare, public sector and corporate enterprise customers,” said Stéphane Boisvert, president, Bell Business Markets.

The purchase price of CAD $40 million has been assessed as fair value by an independent valuator. The transaction is expected to close on January 1, 2011. Bell, Bell Aliant and xwave will work together to ensure a seamless transition for employees, partners and customers.

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