31st August 2010

Gemini Awards Announce Nominees

25th Annual Gemini AwardsNominations for the 25th Gemini Awards have been announced, and here are the nominees in the categories pertinent to our industry – congratulations to all of you and good luck at the show!

Best Animated Program or Series

Glenn Martin, DDS – (Cuppa Coffee Studios, Tornante Animation, Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.)
Adam Shaheen

Guess With Jess – (Nelvana Limited, Classic Media Royalty House)
Tracey Dodokin, Ceri Barnes, Scott Dyer, Jocelyn Hamilton, Doug Murphy, Jane Smith

Johnny Test – (Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc) – Michael Hirsh, Toper Taylor

Kid Vs Kat – (Studio B Productions, YTV, Disney XD Europe) – Blair Peters, Chris Bartleman, Jamie Turner

Wapos Bay – (Wapos Bay Productions) – Dennis Jackson, Melanie Jackson, Anand Ramayya

Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth

Stoked – (Fresh TV Inc., marblemedia) – Mark J.W. Bishop, Sasha Boersma, Ted Brunt, Matthew Hornburg, Tom McGillis

Taste Buds – (marblemedia) – Mark J.W. Bishop, Sasha Boersma, Ted Brunt, Matthew Hornburg, Johnny Kalangis

Rollbots Online – (Xenophile Media Inc.) – Patrick Crowe, Keith Clarkson, Thomas Wallner

Overruled! – (Shaftesbury Films Inc.) – Shane Kinnear, Jay Bennett, Jérémie Bernard, Nicole Mickelow, Jarrett Sherman

Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction

Sanctuary – (Sanctuary II Productions) – Jim Bogusz, Andrea Gorfolova

Being Erica Webisodes – (Temple Street Productions) – Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier, Jessie Gabe, Jason Lorr, Eva Riintze, Thom Ryder

Cra$h & Burn – (Whizbang Films) – Frank Siracusa, Penny McDonald, Peter Miskimmin

Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction

One Ocean Interactive – (Merit Motion Pictures) – Kevin Glasier, Merit Jensen Carr, Vergil Kanne, Alexandra Rosentreter

TotallyADD.com -(Big Brain Productions Inc.) – Rick Green, Ava Green, James Milward

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games – (CTV) – Alon Marcovici, Marc Dinsdale, Mark Silver, Alyson Walker

Licence To Drill – (Pixcom Productions Inc.) – Nicola Merola, Jacquelin Bouchard, Emanuelle Wiecha

Kraft Hockeyville 2010 – (CBC) – Lauren Pare, Dayton Pereira, Dan Tavares, Mike Yokota

Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Fiction

My Pal Satan – (Canadian Film Centre, Shoes Full of Feet) – Dennis Heaton, Kathryn Emslie, Bryce Mitchell

The Vetala – (Jove Digital) – Damon Vignale, Peter Scarth

Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction

Love Letters to the Future – (Xenophile Media Inc.) – Patrick Crowe, Amit Breuer, Thomas Wallner

City Sonic – (City Sonic Inc., Kensington Communications Inc., White Pine Pictures Inc.) – Robert Lang, Janice Dawe, Cameron Mitchell, David Oppenheim, Peter Raymont

Waterlife.nfb.ca – (National Film Board) – Kevin McMahon, Adrian Belina, Gelareh Darabi, Tammy Everts, Brendan Good, Mikko Haapoja, Spencer Hall, Mark McQuillan, Aaron Morris, Steph Pigott, Pablo Vio

Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series

Kristin Booth – Producing Parker – The Skinny on Parker
Kim Cattrall – Producing Parker – The Skinny on Parker
Sean Cullen – Jimmy Two Shoes – Wish You Weren’t Here
Cory Doran – Jimmy Two Shoes – Rear Pickle
DerRic Starlight – Wapos Bay – It Came from Out There

Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series

Robin Budd – Producing Parker – Eat, Pray, Parker
Trevor Cameron – Wapos Bay – The Hardest Lesson
Faruk Cemalovic – Stoked – O Broseph, Where Art Thou?
Ken Cunningham – Glenn Martin, DDS – The Tooth Will Set You Free
Johnny Darrell, Clint Butler – Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 – Junkyard Dogged

Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series

Brian Carson – Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 – Mag Wheels
John Evans – Guess With Jess – How Can We Decorate the Christmas Tree?
Ross Nykiforuk – Wapos Bay – The Hardest Lesson

Best Visual Effects

Laurence Cymet, George Levai, Paul Moyer, Ila Soleimani – Dino Dan – Copy Dino/He Shoots, He Roars
Robert Munroe, Bret Culp, Maria Gordon, Bill Halliday, Adam Jewett, Kyle Menzies, Bo Mosley, Patrik Witzmann – The Tudors – Episode 303
Mario Rachiele, Marie-Ève Bédard-Tremblay, Benoît Brière, Raphaël Hubert, Pierre-Simon Lebrun-Chaput – Ben Hur
Mario Rachiele, Marie-Ève Bédard-Tremblay, Benoît Brière, Raphaël Hubert, Jean-Francois Lafleur,
Benjamin Ribière, Philippe Sylvain – Carny
Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Shannon Gurney, Vivian Jim, Andrew Karr, Michael Lowes, Kodie MacKenzie, Krista McLean, Alec MClymont, Craig Vandenbiggelaar – Stargate Universe – Air Part 1

Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series

Trevor Cameron – Wapos Bay – The Hardest Lesson
Sheila Dinsmore, John De Klein – Busytown Mysteries – The Sandcastle Squasher/The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery
Scott Fellows – Johnny Test – Papa Johnny/The Johnnyminster Dog Show
Myra Fried, Steve Wright – Majority Rules – Becky Takes A Pass
Gary Pearson, Duncan McKenzie, Jerry Schaefer, Carolyn Taylor – That’s So Weird! – Background Music

Finally, Pure Pwnage (TV For Noobs Productions Inc., ROFLMAO Productions Inc., Sphinx Productions, Duopoly) Geoff Lapaire, Jarett Cale, Derek Harvie, received three nominations, including Best Comedy Program or Show. Ian MacDonald  is nominated for Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series for the Pure Pwnage episode The Day the Lan Centre Stood Still and the same episode was nominated for Best writing in a Comedy Series, writers – Jarett Cale, Geoff Lapaire.

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