25th August 2010

Bioware Announces New DLC for Dragon Age

Bioware CorpMy 360 is going to be very busy Morrigandownloading new DLC from Bioware next month. Earlier this week the studio announced The Lair of the Shadowbroker for Mass Effect 2, which is due out on September 7th. Also coming out on the same day is Witch Hunt for Dragon Age Origins. It appears that this DLC chapter will cost the same as Leliana’s Song, 560 MS Points or $7.00.

The dreaded Archdemon has been slain and the advance of the darkspawn halted by a lone, heroic Grey Warden. The kingdom rejoices, but at least one question remains: what happened to Morrigan? The sorceress joined the Wardens cause, but it is said her true purpose was not revealed until the eve of the last battle. She vanished into the shadows, and while rumours claiWitch Huntmed she crossed over the mountains into Orlais, no trace of her path could be found. She was never heard from again… until now. Nearly a year has passed since the Archdemon’s death, and word has reached the Wardens that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. She has been sighted in the southern wilderness where she was first encountered, but is it truly her? If it is, then why is she here and what secret does she carry with her? The Warden heads into the forest to find out and tie up this last loose end once and for all.

Key Features:

* Confront Morrigan in this dramatic conclusion to the Origins storylineWitch Hunt
* Earn powerful rewards that transfer into your Awakening and Origins campaign
* Import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new, high-level hero

Witch Hunt will also introduce Ariane, a new character who is a gifted Dalish warrior, and her clan’s best hunter. When an ancient artifact belonging to the clan’s Keeper is stolen, one with a history tied to the very roots of the elven people, Ariane is charged with the task of reclaiming it. She is determined to carry out her solemn duty, and when her task turns out to intersect with the Warden’s quest to find Morrigan she realizes that there may be far more to the artifact’s disappearance than simple theft. There are two more character links, but as of right now they are both “sealed” – perhaps more will be revealed in the coming days?

UnityUnity Technologies has announced that Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games, will keynote at Unite 2010. Unite 2010 is Unity Technologies’ fourth annual developer conference for artists, programmers, designers, researchers, publishers and enthusiasts taking place November 10-12 at the historic Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, Canada following the Montreal International Game Summit.

Jesse is a lauded author and lecturer on the subject of games design and his Schell Games studio is using Unity to develop ‘The Mummy Online’ in collaboration with Universal and Bigpoint. This Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) is set to launch in Winter 2010.

“I’ve been dreaming for years about a ubiquitous 3D solution for web browsers, and Unity is that solution,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games. “It’s changing the face of online game development, and we’re just at the beginning of what is possible.”

“Jesse is perhaps the most inspiring speaker in the games industry. He combines real vision with incredibly thorough analysis of where we are and where we are all going,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “I’m looking forward to hear what he will have to say, and it’ll set the scene for a conference where no punches are pulled.”

Unite 2010 will offer three days of material including hands-on labs, technical sessions and a matchmaking/speed-dating event to help Unity developers and publishers connect. Book now to get the early bird discount which ends on September 10. In addition, Air Canada is offering a limited number of Unite 2010 attendee special discounted airfares to Montreal, available only to early birds.

LudiaWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces the launch of The Bachelor: The Videogame on the Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system where players can experience all of the excitement and romance of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette hit reality series. Developed by Montreal’s Ludia, the game is available now exclusively at GameStop stores in the United States through September 30 and afterwards at major retailers nationwide. It is available now in Canada at all major retailers. The Bachelor: The Videogame is rated T for Teen and is available for the Nintendo Wii and DS for $29.99.

Guided by Chris Harrison, host of the hit TV series, The Bachelor: The Videogame features characters based on actual Bachelors and Bachelorettes from the top-rated series, including the most recent Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky. In the game,bachelor and bachelorette players compete in a collection of fun mini-game date challenges for a shot at romance. Success is measured with every date as players vie to win the attention and ultimately the heart of the Bachelor or Bachelorette by collecting roses along the way. Players can compete as female contestants for the Bachelor or as male contestants for the Bachelorette.

In single player mode, the game is structured like the TV show. It is comprised of multiple “episodes” where the player competes against the game characters for time alone with the Bachelor or Bachelorette. The Wii version offers multiplayer mode for a fun party game enabling players to compete against their “frenemies.” Opponents can sabotage others’ dates and prevent them from receiving a rose!

During each “episode” or game, contestants go on a variety of Group Dates and a One-On-One Date to earn hearts. These dates include fun challenges, puzzles and mini-games, which test skills such as memory, speed, observation and precision. Players can also unlock personality quizzes and find out which Bachelor or Bachelorette you are most compatible with using the Match Maker.

BeamDogBeamdog is continuing its expansion of game offerings with the availability of Paradox products on the Beamdog network. Now Beamdog users can enjoy exciting products such as Mount & Blade: Warband, Elven Legacy Collection, Hearts of Iron 3 and Canadian-made titles such as the Sword of the Stars series and the upcoming Supreme Ruler: Cold War. Paradox games are available for purchase now including free trials of many of the games.

“We are very happy to be partnering with Beamdog on their exciting new platform and see this as yet another step in making sure our entire portfolio of games is widely available to gamers worldwide”, said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive.

“We’re very happy to have the Paradox titles on our store.”, says Beamdog’s Creative Director Trent Oster. “I’ve been a fan of Mount & Blade for years, as few things can compete with the satisfaction one derives from riding down an opponent and hacking them to bits from horseback.”

tvokidsTVOKids host Gisèle, star of TVO’s early learning programming block, Gisèle’s Big Backyard, will make a special visit to the Ottawa-Gatineau region on Sunday September 12 to launch Rob the Robot, a new animated preschool series premiering this fall on TVOKids.Rob the Robot

Gisèle will serve as emcee for the world premiere screening of Rob the Robot at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. This free family event blasts off at 2 pm and includes a special opening greeting from Gisèle followed by a half-hour episode of Rob the Robot. The screening concludes with a post-show reception in which kids will be able to meet Gisèle, take pictures and receive autographs. Members of the public who are interested in attending the event are invited to RSVP at 613.238.4567 x 28, or by email.

“Meeting the TVOKids audience live and in person is what I enjoy most about my job, soGisele I’m thrilled to be coming to the Ottawa-Gatineau region to meet our fans and introduce them to our new series, Rob the Robot,” says Gisèle Corinthios, host of Gisèle’s Big Backyard. “Every Rob the Robot mission brings kids a discovery-filled, outer space adventure, and there’s always a great story of initiative, cooperation and friendship at the heart.”

Produced by Ottawa-based Amberwood Entertainment and Singapore’s One Animation in association with TVO, Rob the Robot is based on a series of children’s books and stars an inquisitive, problem-solving robot. Each episode sends Rob and his space-exploring buddies, Ema, TK and Orbit, to a new planet to undertake a challenge, like telling time at the Clock Planet, discovering new types of music at the Dance Planet, or learning about climate at the Weather Planet. With every mission accomplished, the crew learns another lesson in teamwork.

Rob the Robot makes its world broadcast premiere on TVOKids on Monday September 13 at 8:30 am ET Amberwood Entertainmentduring the Gisèle’s Big Backyard block and airs regularly weekdays at 8:30 and 11 am. The series is presented as part of TVO’s season-long programming focus on science

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