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3rd December 2009

Genius Factor Bringing Riese The Series to iPhone and iPod Touch

Genius Factor Games

VancouverGenius Factor Games, a digital entertainment company committed to delivering quality game experiences in five minutes or less, proudly announced today its upcoming game for iPhone and iPod touch based on the hot new web television series, “Riese.”

In a hauntingly familiar dystopian world, Riese, a seemingly random wanderer, flees across the dying lands. Hunted by a terrifying religious group, The Sect, Riese must evade their assassins to discover their true objective. Her past is shrouded in mystery as even Riese cant recall the events of the tragic night Riese The Serieswhen her entire family was slaughtered and she was forced to flee. On her journey she will piece together her past and her destiny. The once peaceful kingdom Eleysia will be the battlefield of a struggle that will hold the fate of the world in balance. Riese will emerge as the sole beacon of hope.

Currently in its first season, “Riese” stars Christine Chatelain of Sanctuary acclaim and is fast becoming an online phenomenon as the story is revealed through its site and featured channels on YouTube and Koldcast TV. Drawing hundreds of thousands of views since its launch on Nov. 2, season one episodes air every other week until the end of January, culminating in a season finale, with the next season scheduled to kick off in February 2010.

“‘Riese’ represents a new, viable way to digitally distribute blockbuster-quality storytelling,” said Ted Nugent, Genius Factor president and founder. “Not only is it in line with exploring our own goals for the digital distribution of games and entertainment, but the compelling story, audio and visuals make for an excellent series that keeps you wanting more. We are incredibly excited to be working with Riese Productions!”

“Online is the future of entertainment,” said Ryan Copple, Riese Productions founder, “Riese” co-creator and series executive producer. “High-quality web productions have really changed the way you reach audiences and an interactive gaming experience was the logical next step for ‘Riese.’ We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Genius Factor team as they bring their expertise to the project and expand the experience even more.”

Slated for release in early 2010, the iPhone and iPod touch virtual card game will offer series fans and newcomers alike the chance to utilize alternative media to further enhance the existing story and remain immersed in the intriguing and haunting world of Riese.

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