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29th September 2009

Mingleverse Delivers First Live Social Communications Service

mingleverseVancouverMingleverse Laboratories Inc. has unveiled its state of the art Mingleverse MingleRoom communications service for public preview.

“Today marks the beginning of the new era of live social communications, said Ron Stevens, co-founder. “MingleRooms were developed to replace old-fashioned and disjointed telecom services and legally-embroiled Skype with a service that scales and lets socially connected people mingle live from almost anywhere for any reason. And even get paid for it,” he said.MingleVerse Business Meeting

Based on innovative 3D voice and immersive visual web technology, the Mingleverse MingleRoom service allows up to 50 people to meetup and mingle instantly in a secure and interactive online environment that feels as real as being there.

“World of mouth marketing has arrived and is opening up 100s of new live communications business models, giving you the opportunity to earn money online. Imagine that, a communication service that pays you back!” Stevens said. “You can mingle with friends for free or engage a paying worldwide audience. This is going to change the way we engage in online teaching, online learning, online training, and online events. Bring your voice, your talent and your events to people anywhere instantly.”

MingleRoom hosts can allow free admission to their online events, or they can charge admission using Mingleverse’s exclusive Mingle Ticket system. Fully integrated into the Mingleverse platform, Mingle Ticket initiates and handles all transactions between participants and hosts. Leveraging PayPal’s™ worldwide payment processing network, the Mingle Ticket system ensures hosts get paid directly and instantly by participants and only paid participants can access the event.

“We’ve all heard about ‘social networking’,” said Stevens, “but sending short text messages to someone is nothing like meeting with them in person. Mingleverse is about live social communications, the ability to meetup and engage with real people in real-time rather than with clunky software and old-fashioned telephony.”

“The key features of the Mingleverse platform are the business model, realism and quality of the audio spaces that people mingle in – people communicate with their own voice and are positioned in the Mingle Room in three-dimensions,” said Co-Founder Len Layton. “This represents a revolution for events, group collaboration, sales, meet ups and in teaching and training, where existing ‘webinar’ platforms fall woefully short.”

“MingleRooms run within the browser, giving hosts the capability to instantly mingle with audiences and customers from all over the world and embed incredible live Mingle Rooms right into their existing web sites,” Layton said.

“Old-fashioned voice telecommunication systems are less important to our digital lives; the Mingleverse platform represents a fully integrated approach: one click in a web browser and you are ‘teleported’ into an immersive experience unlike any other. Audio/visual mingling spaces are the next wave of telecommunications: no other system combines this level of privacy with secure high quality voice and collaboration services with an engaging sense of being in the same room as other people,” said Professor Sidney Fels, Director, Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre at the University of British Columbia.

“Once they try Mingleverse, many people will look very closely at whether they need to get on a plane – or even if they need to go across town,” Fels said.

First-generation MingleRooms scale from 2 or 50 guests, with direct support for synchronized, collaborative 3D viewing of presentations, slide shows, documents, and both live and hosted video such as YouTube™. This enables hosts to project a live experience to room guests like being the on the big screen in a packed movie theatre.

Security and privacy have been paramount in the design of the Mingle Room service from the beginning, with all voice communication secured by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography from end-to-end.

With a combination of over 25 extensive proprietary voice, audio, visual, technologies with extensive collaboration and social network integration, Mingleverse’s MingleRoom service opens new business opportunities, challenges the need for travel and replaces a raft of disconnected systems with a single integrated approach.

“Mingleverse’s MingleRoom service is very inexpensive, with basic service free for everyone and full service MingleRooms free for all guests and only $9 per month for unlimited use for MingleRoom hosts,” Stevens said. Try it now for free for your next webinar, meeting, meetup or online event.

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