11th September 2009

ParetoLogic Releases XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0

Pareto LogicVictoria – Anti-spyware giant XoftSpySE has been completely refitted by its technical developers at ParetoLogic. The new upgrade provides a brand new scanning engine, advanced tools, an enhanced user interface and the same fast scan time that characterized the earlier version of the program.

XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0 Start Page

XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware 6.0 Start Page

XoftSpySE, with users numbering in the millions, has been a popular anti-malware choice from its inception. The program stressed a fast, efficient scan and removal, with a small footprint that didn’t bog down the user’s system or hog resources. These elements have been retained, but improved, recharged, and stepped up to face the changing world of malware. Malware, once limited to annoying pop-up ads, has evolved into a wide array of dangerous niches. Keyloggers, spyware, botnets, rootkits, Trojans and more can cause a slow computer, annoying pop-ups, put personal and financial information in jeopardy, and expose users to fraud.

According to Tim Lefler, Security Development Team Leader at ParetoLogic, “XoftSpySE 6.0 dramatically raises the standard for threat detection and malware removal. We’ve created the best anti-spyware tool available.” ParetoLogic built XoftSpySE’s new scanning engine with state of the art anti-malware technology, providing reliable and thorough detection and removal of spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers and other threats. The state-of-the-art scanning techniques promise to provide unparalleled detection and removal rates. The scanning engine has been supplemented with new spyware removal tools, including a Startup scan and BHO scan. The first allows the user to disable adware, other malware or unneeded items that run at Startup, while the second checks for Browser Helper Objects – these are typically unwanted toolbars or ads that can clutter up the user’s internet browser and cause errors.

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11th September 2009

KrabbitSoft Announces the Release of KrabbitWorld Origins With Kid Kria

Krabbit OnlineSurrey BC – Independent game developer KrabbitSoft has returned to its origins with the release of this Gothic Fantasy 3D Action RPG. Defined by its players as having the charm of a wonderland and the bizarre quality of a nightmare, this great psychedelic gothic romp will pique your curiosity then capture your heart.

You are a powerful Krabbit, one of a giant humanoid species with a lovable bandity, Krabbit Onlineferret inspired face and form. You have the huge ears, feet and tremendous speed and jumping ability of a rabbit. You are so agile that gravity itself cannot contain you.

KWO offers 6 playable and customizable characters. Featuring a dynamite colour engine, all 11 character surfaces can be changed at any time at the local Dye Vendor. Be as creative and unique as you can dream.

Each character commands unique ultimate powers:
As Kria – your Heavenly strike soars on golden wings to pounce and annihilate the enemy.
As Krei – your Sonic Boom obliterates every opponent within a 360 degree range.
As Cleria – your Wrath of the Valkyrie descends to hold and destroy.Krabbit Online
As Teella Live – your Rain of Fire pounds multiple foes and expels them in all directions.
As Ogre – your Yorg dispatches a cyclonic whirlwind of your bugbear self spinning and slaying many hostiles one after the other.
As Teella, the fallen – your Wall of Fire incinerates all adversaries crossing its path.

About the story:
KrabbitWorld, lush and fertile, is home to Krabbits from eight different Realms. Following the Great Guardian War, your adversaries the Necrotechs, who resulted from a vindictively motivated combining of technology and magic with Krabbits must be stopped from endangering the Celestial Shard and returning Chaos to the land.

Key features:

* Engaging Hack n’ Slash Combat: The combo hud allows players to increase damage with every strike based on timing and accuracy.Krabbit Online
* Choose from 4 Henchmen: Utilize RTS style Henchman hud to command your assistant.
* Character Building: Build your character to level 99 while continuing to build your unique ultimate powers to 999.
* 3D Inventory and Paper Doll System: Drag n’ drop from 3D inventory to 3D paper doll window to equip items.
* Linear & Sandbox Gameplay: The linear gameplay reveals the lore through quests but you can continue to play sandbox style by exploring forests, caverns and beaches. The Land of the Dead, coinciding with The Land of The Living, mirrors its maps.
* 6DOF Camera: Camera and character controls allow the player 6 degrees of freedom and movement abilities akin to superheroes.

Krabbit Online which is playable on either Max OSX or Windows PC offers a free demo and the full version is available for purchase via digital download for only $14.95. Krabbit Online also invites you to check out their informative and fun interactive game features page located on their site, but note that the free Unity Web Player is required for this website, which involves a very fast and easy one-click installation process.

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11th September 2009

Ian James Corlett Announces New Animation Property

VS WerksVancouverIan James Corlett, Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group and Atomic Cartoons have teamed up to develop the new animation property, Elliott & Lucy for a major Canadian broadcaster.

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

“Creating an animated property is a little like giving birth. I’m thrilled to have Atomic Cartoons and Skywriter right there beside me as midwives!” said series creator and executive producer Corlett. “This project and my latest characters, Elliott & Lucy, are very near and dear to me so choosing the right partners was essential. Skywriter, Atomic Cartoons, our broadcaster and Elliott & Lucy are all “family” now.”

Elliott and Lucy is based on the characters created by Corlett in his book, E Is for Ethics: How to Teach Kids About Morals, Values and What Matters Most. Set for release by Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books this December, Elliott & Lucy follows the adventures of a young brother and sister as they learn the universal principles and values needed to cope with life while having fun in the process.

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11th September 2009

Greedy Productions Unveils New Site

Greedy ProductionsVancouver – It is safe to say, I believe, that every Canadian gamer is very familiar with Greedy Productions, the company behind the very popular TV shows Electric Playground and Reviews On The Run. It is also safe to say that everyone knows the face behind the studio – Victor Lucas. But what many may not know is that Greedy Productions is also responsible for many of the “Behind The Scenes” extra features available on game discs.

Greedy Productions has created and produced documentaries for such games as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, Batman Arkham Asylum, The House Of The Dead: Overkill, Iron Man and more. Now Greedy Productions is giving fans and future clients the opportunity to look at all of their their “Behind the Scenes” documentaries in one place with the launch of their new site, Greedy Docs. Visitors to the site can also get the lowdown on many of the key people who work on the front lines at Greedy Productions. We have visited the Vancouver studio, and we can safely say that Greedy Productions is staffed with some great people – it’s no wonder that they continually produce awesome shows, including the longest running video game review show in the world.

Behind the Scenes documentaries are more than just a chance to learn more about the development of a game; they also offer excellent insight into the industry itself and the motivations behind a game’s development. Greedy Docs also serves to show yet another aspect of game production work which could be a career choice for those who want to work in the game industry but are not artists, designers or programmers. To everyone at Greedy Productions, congratulations on the new site!

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