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19th June 2009

Herobits Collectible Card Game to Take the World by Storm

HerobitsLasalleHerobits Corp. is proud to announce the launch of its new collectible card game, Herobits, a sci-fi themed armored hero game for kids. Herobits will be available in your local game store starting on Sunday, June 21st. The Herobits card game permits friendly combat between two people, face to face, with the great personal interaction so rare in today’s world.

Herobits Series 1 consists of three complete 50 card collectible decks, each one featuring a single Herobitsarmored hero. This easy to learn and fast paced game is centered on a devastated future Earth where great wastelands have formed. Mechanical monsters called Reapers dig, drill, and blast to feed “the Machine”; but, inside Arcadia, one of the last remaining human enclaves, powerful armor and weaponry are being developed, and Arcadians known as Herobits are training to wield them. Working together, Herobits prepare to combat the Machine and restore the Earth.

Players can sit down, learn the rules, and be playing within 10 minutes right out of the box. There are no booster packs, eliminating the need to spend more money to truly enjoy the game. Game play requires just 2 players aged 8+, each with their own Herobits 50 card deck. New 3 character releases are scheduled at two to three-month intervals. Every new series will feature new artists and great new artistic styles. Providing entertaining games for kids and a collectible, Herobits is easy to learn, play, and enjoy for two players.

The Canadian distributor is the reputable Grosnor Distribution Inc. Herobits will be added to their already extensive lineup of products. In the United States, ACD Distribution LLC will help stock the US retailers in time for the June 21st release date. The card games will be shipped from ACD warehouses from California to Pennsylvania. ACD has been working with Herobits Corp. to get the games into numerous hobby and game stores throughout the United States.

Vibrant artistry is unique to each Herobits character as artists from around the world imagine their own Herobits, in their own unique style. Cards are printed to collectible card grade standards by Cartamundi, the same company that prints some of the most popular and sought after collectible card games on the market. Ed Greenwood, a Canadian author of over 30 fantasy novels, when shown a private preview of the card game said, “The cards look beautiful. The color really impressed me!”

Included with the 50-card deck are a rules sheet and character poster. You’ll find store displays with a choice of the three Series 1 characters, four decks for each character currently available. Series 1 Herobits include James Willstorm, Li Kui and Ulrika Vidar. More characters are on the way, including the LRX1 Reaper, sworn enemy of the Herobits.

The Herobits Corp. Canadian Launch event will be held at 401 Games in Toronto, Ontario, on June 21st, starting at 11:30 that morning. Meet the Lead Rules Smith, Stephen Helleiner, and sit down for a game of Herobits. Series 2 artist Ryan will be on hand to sign and give away limited run posters of his Herobits character, Johnny Awesome.

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