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27th May 2009

Teradici Announces New PC-over-IP Release Now Optimized for Wide Area Networks

TeradiciBurnabyTeradici® Corporation, the industry leader in delivering a true PC experience over standard IP networks, has optimized its groundbreaking PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) technology for wide area network (WAN) applications. The new PCoIP release dramatically improves the user experience with support for multimedia and 3D graphics over long distance networks enabling consolidation of any desktop and allowing enterprise to realize significant operational savings.

Key PCoIP WAN capabilities include:

* Regional and continental desktop consolidation for flexible access to desktop resources in the datacenter.
* Secure computing for remote workers and contractors including digital content creation, architecture, and 3D CAD/CAM applications.
* Pandemic preparedness for business continuity via remote access for home workers.
* Lower TCO by increasing PC/workstation utilization and reducing desktop portal appliance power.

The WAN optimized PCoIP release has been enhanced to deliver the best user experience in scenarios such as satellite or branch offices where bandwidth to the remote user is limited. In addition, optimized PCoIP protocol for WAN now supports latencies in applications reaching thousands of miles, and improves system responsiveness so users working remotely will experience no lag or delay when they move a mouse cursor connected to their desktop portal device.

The optimized WAN functionality is now available to all PCoIP partners and customers in firmware release 2.1. Amulet Hotkey, a leading financial systems solution provider has already installed a PCoIP system over a transatlantic WAN link connecting workstations in New York to users in London. “Amulet Hotkey’s PCoIP blade workstation with Teradici’s optimized WAN release enables remote access from thousands of miles away, a major advantage in today’s global trading markets,” said Andrew Jackson, president, Amulet Hotkey.

“PCoIP technology for WAN has been a longstanding capability, and we have continued to improve upon it to serve the requirements of our customers and potential users worldwide,” said Ziad Lammam, Senior Product Manager, Teradici Corporation. “Many WANs operate with one Mbps bandwidth, for example, and our enhanced PCoIP technology now supports those lower bandwidths. PCoIP for the WAN is a very cost-efficient, secure, and stable system for remote computing in large enterprises and in small organizations alike.”

PCoIP technology enables efficient and reliable delivery of a user’s desktop over standard WANs to deliver and progressively refine a compressed image of the user’s desktop — to an exact image of the user’s original desktop. This allows for a highly efficient, real-time delivery over IP networks, especially WAN networks.

Example Scenario for PCoIP deployments over WAN

In a typical PCoIP WAN scenario, a user accesses a remote PC using a small desktop portal over a low-bandwidth link with a round trip network latency reaching thousands of miles. When the user clicks on a web page, document, 3D model, or other file; a highly compressed initial image is delivered quickly with clear, readable text. Over the next few frame refreshes, any on-screen images that have not changed are updated with progressively higher-quality images until they are 100% lossless. All of these screen refreshes take place rapidly in real-time and result in smooth graphics and a fully interactive desktop. PCoIP technology intelligently compresses and transmits the user’s desktop – including video, audio, keyboard, mouse and other I/O – to ensure that even in the high-latency and low-bandwidth situations typical of WANs, the user’s full desktop remains highly responsive and all text and graphics are as readable as if the desktop were local.

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