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Ubisoft Supports The Nintendo DSi With My Healthy Cooking Coach

Ubisoft [1]Montreal Ubisoft [1] has announced the launch of its first game created specifically for the new Nintendo DSi™: My Healthy Cooking Coach. Already a worldwide My Healthy Cooking Coach [2]leader on Nintendo DS™, Ubisoft is one of the first independent developers to launch a game created to take advantage of the new functionality of the Nintendo DSi. My Healthy Cooking Coach is an easy-to-use, fun game for anybody who wants to eat balanced and fresh healthy meals.

With more than 240 recipes created by a culinary My Healthy Cooking Coach [3]school and in collaboration with a renowned nutritionist, My Healthy Cooking Coach offers player tips and tricks to create healthy and delicious meals that will delight friends and family. My Healthy Cooking Coach is available on Nintendo DS™ as well as Nintendo DSi, in June 2009.

Thanks to the new functionality of the Nintendo DSi, My Healthy Cooking Coach offers enhanced content and gameplay experiences. Ten recipes will be exclusively available on the DSi version, and budding chefs can use the system’s camera to personalize users’ profiles.

In addition to My My Healthy Cooking Coach, Ubisoft will soon launch several other new games specifically created for the Nintendo DSi™.

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