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24th March 2009

Opalis Software Delivers Heterogeneous Automation for Cloud Computing

opalisTorontoOpalis Software Inc., the market leader in IT process automation, today announced version 6.0 of their award winning automation platform with support for cloud computing. This release marks the first IT process automation vendor to deliver integration, orchestration and automation for multi-vendor heterogeneous cloud computing environments.

Opalis IT process automation accelerates the adoption of cloud computing by simplifying the delivery and utilization of cloud resources. With Opalis, companies can automate IT processes that provision, consume, monitor, and release on-demand resources without vendor lock-in.

The Nature of Cloud

“Cloud computing equals virtualization plus automation. For cloud computing to deliver on its promise, it must be dynamic and responsive to the needs of the consumer. Dynamic response comes from having virtual workloads that can be moved automatically – this means you need to have an automation fabric to orchestrate virtual services within the cloud” said Charles Crouchman, CTO, Opalis Software Inc.

Opalis provides integration to virtual environments, data center tools and management vendors. This enables companies to leverage their existing management tools or select best of breed vendors to build their cloud infrastructure. Using Opalis, users can create dynamic processes that orchestrate event, change, asset, security, server, storage and network tools to provision services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Opalis v6.0 automates the integration and orchestration of cloud actions such as:

* Cloud Bursting – automate public cloud provisioning to handle peak loads and prevent SLA violations
* Cloud Cover – automate failover to public or private clouds
* Private Cloud Operation – create and manage service driven, flexible capacity with automation
* Sophisticated triggering – subscribe to external events to trigger workflow processes that add, reduce or fail-over to cloud resources according to policies and SLAs

“Infrastructure is on an inevitable shift from components that are either physically integrated by vendors or manually integrated by users, to logically composed “fabrics” of computing, I/O and storage components. But virtualization is only an enabler to very important future trends. Virtualization creates a pool of manageable, flexible capacity. Automation and service centricity will take that pool of resource and do useful work based on business policies and service-level requirements.” Thomas Bittman, Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, The Future of Infrastructure and Operations: The Engine of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Automation, Integration & Orchestration

Opalis has a unique combination of workflow intelligence, deep script-free integration, and event-driven triggers to link all the moving parts described by Thomas Bittman. Customers and partners get rapid time to value with prebuilt process catalogs, out-of-the-box automation and unbiased vendor support. Only Opalis offers adaptive, context driven workflow intelligence move resources in and out of the cloud so customers and partners are able to govern their level of service, while lowering operational cost.

Opalis v6.0 Cloud Features

Opalis integration, automation and orchestration for the cloud capabilities:

* Opalis v6.0 Cloud Objects – A collection of pre-packaged objects providing a rich out of the box set of functions for creation, provisioning, decommissioning, back up, and restore of services offered from the cloud.
* Quick Integration Kit – Provides a rapid and flexible way to integrate, orchestrate and automate any application in the cloud and back into the enterprise.
* Cloud Release Management – Provides the ability to migrate workflows from test to dev, or across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.
* Dynamic provisioning– Provides orchestration capabilities to flex cloud capacity based on external events or triggers.
* Unique publish/subscribe data bus– Provides script-free way to integrate and orchestrate processes, resulting in faster and less expensive implementation of cloud environments.

By masking complexity through IT process automation, Opalis v6.0 delivers cloud computing users and providers the flexibility to get started today, with the ability to easily adapt as underlying tools and cloud providers evolve their offerings.

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