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24th March 2009

Absolute Launches New Global Customer Center With Enhanced Security and Management Features

Absolute SoftwareVancouverAbsolute® Software Corporation, the leading provider of firmware-based, patented, computer theft recovery, data protection and secure IT asset management solutions announced today that to better support its global expansion, Computrace® customers can now access enhanced security, management and usability features in the Absolute Customer Center.

Absolute Customer Center is a powerful console that enables customers to secure and manage their computer population, particularly those hard to manage mobile devices such as laptops and handhelds. Through Customer Center Absolute customers can access Absolute’s full range of IT asset management, data protection and theft recovery services. For example, by logging in to the secure console, a corporate IT administrator could view the location and configuration of all Computrace-protected laptops, desktops, tablets, and BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® devices in their organization via an applicable Absolute service. Absolute’s Customer Center can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

“The Absolute Customer Center is the hub of our technology and service delivery. It provides our customers with a single, comprehensive view into managing and securing all their IT assets,” said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. “Now our customers have a significantly improved environment and access to new security and management features that we built based on their feedback and our ongoing commitment to providing the best user experience – one that’s now delivered in 10 languages.”

Improvements to Absolute’s Customer Center allow Computrace customers to:

– Use additional security features available with Intel Anti-Theft Technology-enabled computers(*)
– Access Customer Center using Safari® and Firefox® browsers, in addition to Internet Explorer®
– Increase efficiencies with quicker access to IT asset information with a cleaner, streamlined user experience
– Export the most up-to-date and accurate inventory and computer population information to other systems via XML, as well as CSV

In addition to these enhancements, Absolute Customer Center now is available in 10 languages to better support Absolute customers as the Company expands within the EMEA, South American and Asia-Pacific markets. Now customers can manage their IT assets using their local time zone and one of these languages:

– English (U.S. & U.K.)
– French
– German
– Spanish
– Italian
– Brazilian Portuguese
– Chinese (Simplified)
– Chinese (Traditional)
– Japanese
– Korean

“We are thrilled to launch support for 10 new languages that will further our expansion into the EMEA, South America and Asia-Pacific markets,” said Carter McCrary, Chief Operating Office at Absolute. “The ability for customers to work in their native language will help bring Computrace solutions from Absolute to more customers and more markets around the world. We see this as a major step in reinforcing our position as a worldwide leading provider of embedded security solutions focusing on computer theft recovery, data protection and IT asset management.”

How Computrace Works

The Computrace Software Agent that powers Absolute Software’s solutions is embedded in the firmware of computers from the world’s leading computer manufacturers right at the factory or it can be installed by the customer.(xx) The Agent can be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription with terms ranging from one to four years.

The Agent regularly contacts the Absolute Monitoring Center – sending location and IT asset management information to the Absolute Customer Center portal. Customers log in to the Absolute Customer Center to access that information, manage their IT asset population, run reports, remotely delete data and plot the location of their computers and mobile devices on a map.(xxx)

If a computer is stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team can use information sent by the computer and forensically mine it using a variety of procedures including key captures, registry scanning, file scanning, geolocation, and other investigative techniques to determine who has the computer and how it is being used. Absolute then works with local law enforcement to help recover the computer. Embedded in the firmware of a computer, the stealthy Computrace Agent is capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging.

For more information on Absolute Software and its range of computer theft recovery, data protection and IT asset management solutions, please visit www.absolute.com or www.lojackforlaptops.com.

(*) Additional purchase required to activate.
(xx) For a complete list of firmware-supported computers visit www.absolute.com/firmware.
(xxx) Customer computers must be fitted with a supported GPS or Wi-Fi receiver and an Absolute service that provides such location information. For a list of supported GPS receivers see www.absolute.com/geolocation

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