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TakingITGlobal Launches BeyondGraduation.ca For Youth Living With Disabilities

A Good Life for Youth with Disabilities Beyond High School

Beyond Graduation [1]TorontoPLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship [2] and TakingITGlobal [3] announced today the launch of a new online community to support young people with disabilities. BeyondGraduation.ca [4] is a facilitated online community focusing on employment and ensuring opportunities for contribution and community engagement beyond high school.

“Beyond Graduation is about providing a safe and comfortable environment for young people to share inspiring stories and plan for a bright future” says Jennifer Corriero, co-Founder and Executive Director of TakingITGlobal. “It provides youth and their families networking tools and resources, enabling access to the available opportunities that can help them reach their goals.”

Community building is an important component of the new social networking site. Connecting members to each other creates a support network of friends who share their experiences. TakingITGlobal used its expertise in managing a global online community for social change to inform the development of BeyondGraduation.ca.

“Beyond Graduation’s objective is to reduce the challenges faced by youth with disabilities as they move from school to community engagement, work and community life. Beyond Graduation is focused on creating opportunities for everyone’s contribution to be realized,” says Nancy Ford, Program Director for PLAN Institute. “For young people, this website makes it easy to navigate these exciting times while fostering decision making that creates a good life.”

Young people and their friends and families can register online at: http://www.beyondgraduation.ca [4].

For additional resources go to: http://www.planinstitute.ca [2]