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IUGO To Demo New Game At GDC

IUGO [1]VancouverIUGO Mobile Entertainment [1] is proud to announce its new pinball game Freeballin’ for the iPhone! Named by IUGO’s very active gamer community in a recent contest, Freeballin’ will be one of the newest products from IUGO on display at the upcoming GDC.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come in IUGO’s awesome upcoming title:

Endless hours of pinball entertainment spread across four unique, beautifully rendered playfields, including the Jungle and Cityscape themes. Over a half a dozen playfields in total, including boss battles!Freeballin' [1]

Play in three distinct gameplay modes:
Score Attack is the classic pinball experience to get the highest score possible with your limited supply of orbs
Time Attack forces the player to get to a target score as quick as possible
Adventure Challenge has the player collecting artifacts from three different themes with the help of game-changing powerups.

Freeballin’: This is pinball like you’ve never seen before!