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More2Girls Launches Interactive Magazine

more2girls [1]Toronto – This January More2Girls Inc [1] is launching an interactive magazine for Teen girls that is delivered in the form of a desktop application. This is a new delivery model for magazine subscriptions; one that other publications are likely to follow. To view a demonstration on how it works, go to http://www.more2girls.org/how-it-works [2].

More2Girls Magazine has chosen to publish in the form of a desktop application in order to suit the behaviours and habits of its Teen girl market. The application “floats” on the desktop, so it does not interfere with the multiple chat and browser windows Teens are accustomed to running simultaneously. The security features inherent in the type of file delivered to the application allow More2Girls Magazine to present music tracks without the high risk of pirating inherent to publishing music on the Internet. Delivering content in this way also liberates the More2Girls creative team to produce a truly multimedia experience that engages the reader by encouraging interaction with its many features. And because it leaves behind the restrictions of HTML this interactive magazine maintains the visual pleasure that the public has come to associate with print magazines.

Music, interactivity and the ease of integrating it into its readers’ multi-tasking habits, all evidence that More2Girls Magazine is in tune with its readers. The application will become available, free to readers, in January from http://www.more2girls.org [3].