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Best FIFA 09 Goals Featured By EA

Gamers get the most from their FIFA 09 replay videos

FIFA09 [1]Players of FIFA 09 on Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION® 3 who upload their replay videos to EA Sports Football [2] now have the chance to show their super-strikes to thousands via the site’s popular new Top 10 Goals feature.

Anyone with either console and an internet connection can upload their best goals at the push of a controller button. Visitors to the site can then log in to the site to see their videos again, as well as download them and share them with friends directly or via on-site links to social networking sites.

The EA Sports™ team regularly asks visitors to the site to submit their best clips, which areEA Canada [3] then assessed and the 10 best chosen to feature front and centre on the homepage, as well as distributed on EA’s main website [3] and via the EA Sports YouTube channel [4] on the EA™ Football World [5] playlist.