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Video Games Live Strikes A Positive Chord In Vancouver

[1]Last night we attended Video Games Live [1] at The Orpheum, and while we knew from other KillaNet Community members that the show would be awesome, the only way to truly appreciate the show is to experience it first hand. We took part in the pre-show as volunteers, running the Guitar Hero 3 challenge as well as the Costume Contest. The evening was full of surprises and debuts, as music from the upcoming Need For Speed: Undercover was performed for the first time in public, including a track by Vancouver’s own indie band Splitting Adam [2].

Of course being in Vancouver, what would Video Games Live be without a guest appearance by Victor Lucas, who is partners with Tommy Tallarico [3] on Electric Playground [4] and Reviews On The Run [5]. Victor unveiled a certificate from The Guinness Book of World Records recognizing Electric

Playground as the longest running Games Information Show – and then brought out his camera crew so that they could complete filming their current reviews episode. At least 3000 gamers received first hand Tommy and Victor’s professional and honest opinions about Koei’s recently-released Warriors Orochi 2.

Video Games Live contains so many elements – it is a truly interactive, multi-media, multi-sensory performance as well as a history lesson in how far the video game industry has come in both graphic and musical presentation. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra [6], Vancouver Cantata Singers [7] and pianist Lee Ann Leung [8] (sister to video game pianist Martin Leung) put on an amazing performance under the direction of VGL conductor Jack Wall – for those of you who were unable to attend this performance, Tommy did mention something about “seeing you all again next year” so perhaps VGL will be returning to our fair city in 2009.