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LanPartyEh Relaunched

[1] Popular Canadian LAN party site LanPartyEh [1], which went into hiatus in July 2007 is back with a new look and new proprietors. Once a project of NeoSeeker’s Howard Ha, the site became too large and too time-consuming for Howard to maintain. Local LAN organizers Nathaniel Sabanski and James Charlton spearheaded the project, uniting two separate projects into one. James approached Howard with a proposal regarding the old LanPartyEh site, Howard agreed, and earlier this month the new site was relaunched with a new, updated look and a new sense of unity among Vancouver-area LAN organizers. The project brings together the CapLAN-LowermainLAN, C-Toan, AelatisLAN and Digital Storm events. The administration and staff of LanPartyEh hope to see the site grow into a community which effectively connects not only the BC lan community, but the lan community across Canada.