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Game Dev Student Checklist

This checklist was prepared by the Game Developers’ Association (Australia) [1]

STUDENT CHECKLIST: Questions that every potential games student should ask

The following checklist has been prepared for students and parents to use when reviewing potential game courses and educational institutions.

What links does the course have with the games industry?

Is there anyone in the game industry that could be spoken to regarding the course?

How long has the institution been offering games courses?

Have any of the graduates found work in the industry? Where are they now working?

Does the course offer separate specialized programming and art streams?

If they offer a programming course, does it teach 3D game programming using C and C++?

If they offer an art course, does it teach 3D game art production?

Does the course explore game console development rather than just PC development?

Is the development software that is used in the course also used in the games industry?

If the answer is yes what development studios are using this software?

Is the equipment at a sufficient level to run this type of software?

Do the tutors/lecturers have any professional industry experience?

If they do, where was it and for how long?

Does the institution have any other links with the games industry apart from course development?

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#1 Comment By Josh On Friday May 9, 2008 @ 7:59 am

These are questions you would never think to ask yourself when you start getting an education for gaming. Fortunately, I could answer all of these right off the top of my head for my schooling, so I guess I’ve been doing my homework lol